Tierra Reign founders Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra and their children
Tierra Reign is a MADE IN USA apparel company based out of Detroit, Michigan. It is owned, operated and designed by Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra, who have appeared on television for the past decade, vulnerably showcasing their ups and downs throughout their lives since they were sixteen years old.
It was at this age that they were faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Both growing up in households full of abuse with parents who suffered from addiction, they courageously decided to place their first born daughter for adoption in 2009. That decision changed the trajectory of their lives. They stayed together, growing and loving each other into adulthood, got out of the environments they were raised in, and are now married with their other two daughters, Novalee and Vaeda.
It was after having their daughter Nova in 2015 that they realized how hard it was to find quality-made children's clothing that didn’t have a kitten or toy train printed on the front of it (nothing against cute kittens or fun trains!). They didn’t understand why it was so difficult to find children’s clothing with just as much unique styling as adult clothing. They couldn't comprehend why every garment tag said it was made in every other country besides the U.S. So they came together with a mission: To produce high quality children’s clothing with unique, edgy styles, RIGHT HERE IN THE USA! They were lucky enough to find a team of amazing women in their home state of Michigan to bring this vision to life.
Tierra Reign believes every child deserves the right to reign over their dreams in style, and every parent deserves to feel good about supporting those dreams by investing in their own economy. Welcome to Tierra Reign!
Long May Dreams Reign
Thank you so much for supporting this dream, supporting this country and supporting our family!

Catelynn & Tyler Baltierra

P.S. Got a question about our brand or are wondering when a style will be back in stock? Please reach out at tierrareign@gmail.com and we'll get back to you just as soon as we can.